TUCCILLO - Disco En Paradiso ep

Originally Italian, Tuccillo has been producing music for the last 15 years !Established in Ibiza a few years ago, his productions have been already released by labels like Freerange, Circus Company, Drumpoet, King Street, Delusion of Grandeur, Yoruba and Isgud Records. His unmistakable sound is a mixture of Mediterranean light and cheeky funk with permanent grooves and warm vibes blending the electronic and analogical components...if we had to use a single word to define Tuccillo's sound, that would be class... His knowledge and experience as a musician, and the good taste he displays in his concept of what dance music should be about in the dawn of the 21st century, define his very success and the unique character that impregnates his musical saunter !Disco En Paradiso EP is the first release for Rebirth. The title track is a delicious piece of music, recreating a 90s balearic disco feeling. Already charted by Reboot at n.1 this is surely a great number for the summer season ! Invisible reminds of earlier Francois K productions with minimal beats, warm atmosphere and a rolling bassline. Pure Class from one of the electronic music producers of the current underground scene.

1. Disco En Paradiso
2. Invisible