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TRIO - Re-Play ep

Kousuke Ishida Aka Trio is back on Rebirth with the Re-Play EP ! One half of Bocca Grande alongside former piano teacher Yuka Kobayashi, Trio started to compose at sixteen years old. Their Little Pianist album received acclaimed support and his sound reflects the deepness that he experienced in his life and that we find in the Japanese culture. His DJ style is influenced by the old school, from the deep side of Chicago house to the Detroit techno etc giving an high value to the classic piano and mixing it with a melancholic deep vibe. Trio tracks are rough, spontaneous and inspiring and the new works are another perfect example ! Merry, Mess A Lot, SRO and Straight Line...deep emotive vibes and seductive rhythms turn us into something from outer space ! Big up to Trio

1. Merry - Original Mix
2. SRO - Original Mix
3. Mess A Lot - Original Mix
4. Straight Line - Original Mix