T-Polar has had a long journey through electronica of many shades, from the microhouse stylings of early releases on Takeover, Morris Audio, and Karloff, to more ambient leftfield music on Acroplane, to his gnarly, and at times woozy, post rave music on Nice&Nasty, Digital Distortions, Wide, LS2, Takeover and !Kaboogie. The title track from the Little Colossus release found its way onto Surgeons recent Fabric mix c.d. He also co ran the the cult Belfast bass night Ecker which finished in 2011. His recent amazing remix for ‘Connected’ by NUfrequency got a stir of support, and ‘The Hadean EP’ is the first own release for Rebirth! Inspired by a mixture of soul/funk  and leftfield house/electronica he has always strived to create something emotive, original and outside the typical lines of music fashion. ‘Crossroads’ has been already tried and tested by Mary Anne Hobbs on Xfm and is an incredible piece of music, slow-burning modern soul. Welcome to a truly talented artist to watch for the future!

Latest Releases