A mysterious figure in music Tevo Howard is surely a very talented producer coming from Chicago. He says: “I started to DJ at roughly thirteen or fourteen years old, putting us back to about 1987. After a knee injury in a skateboard accident (I wiped out) in 1987, I found myself at Gramaphone and Wax Trax Records picking up current day gems with my lunch money (by the way, the first record I ever bought was that day, “True Faith,” New Order). The emotion of those days has never ended for me, or that is, there has always been a consistent struggle for the next page in music. Along with Beautiful Granville Records, I simply believe in “forward movement” as stands the record companies motto”. His releases became already classics in the boxes of many djs, and his style has been already considered as unique. Rebirth signs “Without me”, already a classic at Panoramabar since it came out originally on Tevo’s label. Innervisions djs like âme and Dixon hammered it a lot..It’s a beautiful emotional track with dirty synth basslines, strings, and a super-hypnotic piano theme you won’t forget ! The release comes with an exclusive brand new track, “Crazy Love”, written during a session with his dad, Rick Poppa Howard, who represents a big influence in Tevo’s musical formation. More music from Tevo is expected in the near future. Stay tuned !

Latest Releases

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