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TEVO HOWARD - Without Me/Crazy Love

A mysterious figure in music Tevo Howard is surely  a very talented producer coming from Chicago. He says: “I started to DJ at roughly thirteen or fourteen years old, putting us back to about 1987. After a knee injury in a skateboard accident (I wiped out) in 1987,  I found myself at Gramaphone and Wax Trax Records picking up current day gems with my lunch money (by the way, the first record I ever bought was that day, “True Faith,” New Order). The emotion of those days has never ended for me, or that is, there has always been a consistent struggle for the next page in music. Along with Beautiful Granville Records, I simply believe in “forward movement” as stands the record companies motto” Rebirth signs “Without me”, already a classic at Panoramabar since it came out originally on Tevo’s label. Innervisions djs like Ame and Dixon hammered it a lot..It’s a beautiful emotional track with dirty synth basslines, strings, and a super-hypnotic piano theme you won’t forget ! The release comes with an exclusive brand new track, “Crazy Love”, written during a session with his dad, Rick Poppa Howard, who represents a big influence in Tevo’s musical formation. What a great EP !

1. Without me (Boogie Disco Mix) 
2. Crazy love (Original Mix)