All his work is based on following a clear concept of hard work and shaping his life on to his music. Always on the look for a perfect mood, his dearest wish is to impress the crowd by putting all of his passion into his work, living his music and absorbing it 24/7, for more than a decade now. This makes him a talented person, different from everyone, unique. First son of 2, Stefano was born in the early 80's in a small town of south Italy. After 20 years with his family, he moves to Rome, and becomes the historical resident of one of the most important parties of this world's capital: Rome's Bizzarro. It all begun in 1997. It's after accidentally coming accross a record played in reverse mode that it all started. Back then, Stefano didn't know anything about 'the underground', or about djing. Up from his first experience with the movement, he was immediately fascinated about the club's scene, lights and DJ booths. It was clear that with his growing hunger for music, it would be just a matter of time before Stefano would move to the main city, constantly extending its scene of clubs and music. Stefano devotes his energy and attention to all aspects of a DJ 's work. At the age of 24 he signs his first residency - which it is still ongoing today - with Bizzarro. His music was always a composition of sonority which widely extended from the techno sounds to the deepest grooves of house music, turning him into a very hard worker who respects his job and the world surrounding it. As a result of his knowledge and skills, Stefano was capable of creating some fine and intuitive cuts among his works. He worked hard to find the right way to make sounds and, as time goes by, many international artists started appreciating, charting and sharing his music. The constant research of a proper music idea makes him a fully shaped artist, characterized not by a kind of music only, but by a mood, full of groove, thrill and obviously smooth vodka.

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