Emile Weston and Mayckael Hanania met in 2008 on the Parisians Heavy Metal scene. The desire to create a common electronic project was immediate, but could not be realised with Emile leaving for Helsinki. Always keeping in contact, they had their own musical experiences: Mayckael formed two bands Hej Do and Pressure, while on the other side of Europe, Emile entered the DJs collective Emperatron being part of Team Young on the Top Billin label. As Emile decides to go back to Paris in October 2010, the project can finally begin under the name of Square Mode. They are quickly spotted by dedicated blogs thanks to their track Klemzer, and later their talent is confirmed by an official remix for Le Corps Mince De Françoise. Originally released in 2011, The Wheel is their proper first single, an electronic ballad, initially composed as instrumental and later spontaneously reworked as a vocal by the subtle pop touch brought by Alexy Gredy... The result is surprising ! Rebirth loved it so much and signed it for a 2012 release. The package includes a brand new amazing piano edit and blinding mixes from Red RackEm, Jack Dixon and T-Polar ! Daniel Berman Aka Red RackEm drops a dancefloor bomb, an infectious track sliced off vocal samples and funked out drums with a raw square wave bassline. The London-based producer Jack Dixon paints a mix from a palette of techno, dubstep and house, which he blends together with emotive subaqueous chords and a signature use of vocals, while the talent T-Polar gives it a dubbier deep house edge. Watch out for Square Mode !

1. Red Rack'em remix
2. Original piano edit
3. Jack Dixon remix
4. Original piano reprise