Chromatic Filters, the Italian DJ/musician duo based in London, is back on Rebirth one year after their debut release...and they drop again something really exciting !Contrary to the artificial sounds of dance music, their style draws on everything from dub to disco, funk to punk, new wave to techno and with live instruments woven together with an incredible sense of dynamics. The atmospheric and spacious sound lets our heads discover more and more with each listen. 'Spyro Evo' is another of their spectacular piece of music with a pulsating bass, acoustic guitars, percussions and melancholic sweetness, while Plastic Mirror is on the other side an emotional deep, soulful dancefloor mover.On the remix Slow Hands follows his hot releases on Wolf & Lamb with a very sexy and seductive mid-tempo mix of Spyro Evo, with a great guitar riff and the addition of catchy vocodered vocals.

1. Spyro Evo (Original mix) 
2. Plastic Mirror (Original mix) 
3. Spyro Evo (Slow Hands remix)

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