Rennie Foster follows the success of the anthemic Devils Water with a new single and long awaited album in 2010. Rennie has been a well respected figure in the Canadian music and art community since he was just a teenager. After visiting Japan several times to play, Rennie fell in love with the techno oriented Tokyo club scene and has since relocated to Tokyo where he now lives. With singles on labels such as Subject-Detroit, Monoid, Soiree, F Com etc. and his own imprints Futago Traxx and Dirty Works, his sound fuses the refined minimal elements of modern club sounds with the vibe of filthy Chicago House, Detroit Techno and early rave records. He joins Aaron Carl, one of Detroits most enduring and soulful artists. Aaron, as singer and producer, refused to be boxed into one genre. His signature sound crosses genres; from soulful, gospel-infused House, to the dirtiest ghettotech anthems. His productions have graced various labels throughout the world, including Subject Detroit, Metroplex, Universal France and his own imprint, Wallshaker Music. The Spanish production duo of Coyu (aka Iván Ramos) and Edu Imbernón unleash an unbelievable fresh groovy funky house remix with Huge bass, heavy stabs, percussive beats thats literally overflowing with energy and unstoppable dancefloor appeal. This is a limited vinyl only release, absolutely essential !

1. Original Mix
2. Acapella
3. Coyu & Edu Imberton Remix
4. Club Mix *
5. Instrumental mix *

* digital only

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