RUBY - Anna

Lionel Melgar and Tevo Howard first met via independent circles of friends, but began their friendship at the DJ turntables at some point near 1988. Recalling the first encounter at Lionels childhood home, the turntables and music were an absolute mutual attraction. The two made many appearances in Chicagos underground alongside djs like Derrick Carter, Hugo Moya, Brian Borden, and Mark Farina just to name a few. Nonetheless, no partnership would surpass the depth of Lionel and Tevos musical collaboration. In 1992 the two retired from the turntables turning to instrumentalism. Interestingly, Tevo took his first strums at the bass guitar while Lionel had begun to redirect focus to rhythm and lead guitar playing. As the conversation went, they both grew tired of the Chicago DJ scene and wanted to pay more attention to specific intricacies of music. In 1994 they teamed up as a band with a female vocalist and were able to make it through a few recordings. The name of this band then was Ruby Red Shappire, but the band never made it to the stage. As all recordings of the band back then have been lost in analog tape decks somewhere, the fire between Lionel and Tevo, and the respect in each others growth in musicianship has never had the chance to. Further, the band name got shortened to Ruby. Ruby rapresents the past, the present, and the future of a friendships that has endured throughout several stages of life. Tevo Howard has said This band is also at its very beginning stages as Lionel and I are just getting started

1. Original mix 
2. Tevo Howard mix