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ROTCIV - Secrets ep

Coming from Brasil and Djing since 1996, Victor A (aka Rotciv) has been contributing to the development of the electronic music culture in his country ! He manages Mister Mistery records, focused on house music evoking disco-funk sounds and samples from the past decades which is a trademark of the label which has already collected excelent feedback from international DJs, such as Faze Action (Simon Lee), Crazy P (Chris Todd) , Ajello (IT), Padded Cell (Richard Sen - UK), Ray Mang (UK), LSB (Pete Herbert and Baby G), Llorca (FR) , The Beat Broker, Rub n Tug (Eric) , Ashley Beedle and many others have been joining this ever growing list. The first Rotciv ep on Rebirth follows his hot Re-edits of Glocal After Midnight and Freaks vs Robert Owens Right Now, that received great support and reactions ! So Far is inspired by deep-house and italo-disco sounds, with lush melodies, arpeggios and romantic lyrics in vocoder. Mistake also inspired in italo-disco beats with bubbling basslines, hot synthesizer action and beautiful melodies. Secrets Revealed is another monster track that builds nicely into a epic song, with reverbered female vocals, pianos and pads ! Surely a great EP for Rotciv !

1. Mistake  
2. Secrets Revealed
3. So Far