Veteran producer Robytek starts his career very young, playing disco music in a small local radio under the pseudonym DJ Matisse. The hard apprenticeship allowed him to gain a reputation within the Lombard underground scene and, in the early '80s, he began to experiment his musical style, influenced by Afro Cosmic, a genre in constant ferment and evolution without any scheme. His name become stronger thanks to his frenetic DJ activity in various clubs and festivals in the North of Italy, often alongside pioneers like Rubens and Daniele Baldelli. Putting his hands at the music production is therefore a necessary and inevitable step: 'My Dream' by Tension, a Italo-Dance style track, is published by Time Records. In 2005 he gave life to the Believers project, with the vocal talent of Chelonis R. Jones and in 2007 he started working for Rebirth Records producing 'Sun', one of the most played recordis in Ibiza and the following year 'Luna Africana' remixed by Roland Appel. Together with Shield he produces 'Pump It' with Foremost Poets, in 2009 the remix of 'E2E4' for Renaissance and in 2011 'Downtown Soul EP' charted by top DJs such as Pete Tong, Thomas Schumacher and Gui Boratto. In 2010, the remix of the classic Adeva 'In and out of my life' for Easy Street is supported by djs such as Tony Humphries, Cassius and Jazzanova. In 2012 the 'Way Of Life EP' on Luciano’s label, Cadenza Records. In 2013 'Brass' and in 2014 the re-edit of 'The Infamous' Butch & C.Vogt, one of the hottest tracks of the year and most played in Ibiza. In the last years Robytek also produced on labels like Suara, Off Recordings and Stereomono.

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