Rebirth Records launch the Rebirth Sessions in 2013, a brand new compilation series ! Our fave artists pick up some of their fave tracks selected from the Rebirth Catalogue and will propose also some of their unreleased music. We are starting with T-Polar Aka Gary Spence, surely a name to watch in the electronic scene. His last ‘The Hadean’ and ‘The Archean’ eps on Rebirth saw big support from djs like Mary Anne Hobbs, Mosca and Simbad. His music has been released by labels like Takeover, Morris Audio, and Karloff, to more ambient leftfield on Acroplane, to his gnarly, and at times woozy, post rave music on Nice&Nasty, Digital Distortions, Wide, LS2, Takeover and !Kaboogie. Inspired by a mixture of soul/funk and leftfield house/electronica his selection is made of tunes to create something emotive, original and outside the typical lines of music fashion. The Session include music from James Teej, Freaks, Menik, Ajello, Chromatic Filters, Artifact, Daze Deten, Rampa & Re.You and Robytek Vs Shield among the others. A truly talented artist to watch for the future!