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FARFAN - Nafaka ep

Born in Rijeka, Croatia, Farfan begins his career learning and listening intensively to various sets. He moves from town to town and settle in Trieste first and then Stuttgart Germany. Farfan debuts on Rebirth in September 2012 with a fantastic album. He manages to deliver a sound so distinctively his and instantly recognizable. A strong dose of deep and classic house, synth funk, soothing melodies and pop sensibilities. Nafaka means happiness and is the result of a variety of trips and events in Farfans life, and the expression of a charm of animals and perfect accuracy of fine musicians. You can expect much more from this young talent in the coming months.

1. Be Her First - Original Mix  
2. She Is Too Sexy - Original Mix
3. D'Angello - Original Mix
4. I Give You My Heart - Original Mix  
5. Katalonia - Original Mix Gift
6. Nafaka - Original Mix
7. Thugz Mansion - Original Mix  
8. Tunes For Us - Original Mix
9. Ulm In Der Nacht - Original Mix
10. Nafaka - Part 2  
11. Homboyz - Original Mix
12. Crazy Side Of Love - Original Mix