On the heels of their critically acclaimed soulful masterpieces 'Go That Deep' and 'Fallen Hero', Shield and Cristiano finally completed their first NUfrequency album 'Connected'. 'Connected' is a musical journey that has taken them 5 years to explore different worlds, a mixture of pop, ambient and electronica, with a dose of funk, 80's disco-lite and cinematic elements. The NUfrequency trademark combination of understatement and sonic richness. Taken from the album Shield and Cristiano are honoured to present their collaboration with scottish singer and songwriter Maggie Reilly, surely known for her collaborations with the composer and instrumentalist Mike Oldfield, performing the vocals on the international hit 'Moonlight Shadow' ! Maggie has covered vast musical ground: from the jazz/funk of Cado Belle, performances with Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, duets with Jack Bruce (Cream) and Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) through early nineties Euro pop and her thoughtful solo albums of the last decade. Maggie produced amazing songs such as 'To France', 'Everytime You Touch' and the Hall & Oates hit 'Family Man' for which she received an ASCAP award in 1984. 'My Angel' is a mixture of ambient and pop electronic song, a speedy rush of synth optimism, fantasy, and romance. A very 80's disco-lite with a modern update sound, inspired by those early feelings of new love ! Brooklyn born musical souls, Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi produce another amazing and inspiring Wolf & Lamb rework ! A bass workout, an infectious slice of uplifting late-night house with dubby twists, thundering chords and Maggie vocals, to send shivers to the base of the spine. W L signature blend of non-conformist dance music. Daze Deten, a Los Angeles California raised talent, shows his ability to transform the original music into something else. This time utilizing his inspiration from cinema, film music, and his storytelling style to form a deep, emotive, and moving orchestral beauty. He states 'I wanted to capture the emotion in the original and create something for unjaded lovers, something for us'. From Benelux Red D (one half of FCL) and Lemakuhlar drop a long hypnotic trip with warm pads and real percussions.

1. My Angel (Wolf & Lamb remix)
2. My Angel (Wolf & Lamb dub) 
3. My Angel (Daze Deten Cinematic remix)

1. Wolf & Lamb Remix  
2. Wolf & Lamb Dub
3. Daze Deten Cinematic Remix 
4. Red D & Lemakuhlar Remix 

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