MOXA - Follow the X / Vol. One

Rebirth Records presents the first compilation of one of the most important Italian clubs.The Moxa ! The Club Born in Mantova in 2006/2007, the Moxa experienced an amazing artistic grow in the last few years, becoming an autentic opinion leader of the worldwide clubbing scene. If Moxa gained the respect of the insiders, and its brand is spread all lover the world, is due to the fact that since the start it hosted the gotha of the international djs: from the fathers of the house Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega, Todd Terry, Lil Louis, Mr. Finger, to the masters of the underground like Matthew Herbert, Ame, Dixon and the Detroit cream Moodymann and Theo Parrish, from the best representative of the electronica made in Uk like Luke Solomon, Xpress2, James Lavelle, 808 State, Radio Slave, to major names like Francois Kevorkian, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Daniele Baldelli, and true talents like Martinez Brothers, Soul Clap, Todd Terje, Tom Trago and Alex Ferrazzi, till Dennis Ferrer, Dimitri From Paris, Osunlade. Apart from the quality of the names, Moxa is characterized by the particolar mood of its nights sumed up by the big sentense written behind the consolleWhere the legendary djs feel at home. This is Moxa: a big family. The Masters at Work re-union has taken place at Moxa, that also guested a rare european gig for the Body & Soul night (Francois Kevorkian, Joe Claussell and Danny Krivit). In 2010 Moxa has been voted as the best italian cub for quality and music sheduling at the 2Night Awards in Milan, and in 2011 reached the 44th position in the Top 100 clubs chart on DJ Mag ! Follow the X - The Compilation The compilation, mixed by the talented Moxa dj Reisdent Alex Ferrazzi, was created from friendship, empathy, admiration and the mutual respect that binds Moxa to all the DJ's that have been an integral part of the club. From day one, music was at the heart of every project that the club has been involved in, with the sole support of immense passion for club culture. A considerable amount of that time has been spent trying to create a work that was the exact image of the club. Simone Piadena, the owner says.We started talking with the artists that have been directly involved in Moxa, asking them to participate by contributing a song that they felt best represented the spirit of Moxa. The enthusiasm from the producers , and the desire for them to want to been involved in a soundtrack to Moxa's life, was overwhelming. Moxa is deeply proud of bringing together many of the artists who helped shape the history of dance music. But way beyond this, the greatest achievement encapsulated in this compilation is the quality of the music, the spirit of Moxa and the achievement of a dream. A snapshot. A diary. A musical moment of what Moxa means to all involved. Moxas Family Moxa Vol.1 includes unreleased material, some written and produced for the occasion, from international artists like Moodymann, Joe Claussell, Larry Heard, Terry Hunter, Sandy Rivera, Luke Solomon, Osunlade, X-Press 2, Timmy Regisford, Art Of Tones, Mr. V, Tedd Patterson, Jojo Flores, Alix Alvarez , Hideo Kobayashi !

1. Moodymann - I'd rather be lonely
2. Joaquin claussell - Mmystical wonderland (pad mix) *
3. Larry heard - Winter flower
4. Terry hunter - The bricks moxa *
5. Hideo kobayashi - Uncountable (tek mix) *
6. Alix alvarez - Fayall *
7. Timmy regisford - Who go know go know *
8. Art of Tones - Breaking bad *
9. Mr V Reelsoul - This is moxa *
10. X-Press 2 - Down the whole *
11. Tedd Patterson - Conversion *
12. Tosca - Rosa (Rodney Hunter Version) *
13. Durok Ozien feat Raquel Dwyer - i love you (jojo flores jamsteady edit) *
14. Luke Solomon - To the light *
15. Sandy Rivera & Simon Mattson - Moxa sax *
16. Osunlade - Moxa's theme

* digital only