MORRIS T Feat. Juliet Richardson / Fjrmo - Break of Dawn

Rebirth Records present the sister label SmallDog Records, and his main artists Morris T and Fjrmo.
Morris T single “Break of dawn” features the beautiful vocals of Juliet Richardson. Singer / songwriter, her solo album “Random Order” produced with Stuart Price was a big success in 2005 including the opus “Avalon”. Juliet’s brooding vocals seduce and entice listeners with a potent cocktail of penetrating sensuality.
Jerome Sydenham, owner Ibadan records and half of the duo Sydenham & Ferrer project, produces a percussive groove, blending house and techno together. The ‘Main Dub’ is a deep hypnotic builder with an heavy bass drums and fierce beats !
On the Bside ‘Roadhouse’ has been produced with Fjrmo, Morris friend and studio partner. Fjrmo is surely a precursor. He saw the birth of the 'deejay figure' and can reaveal the secrets of an era. Since young age at the end of '70s he starts playing in the most important clubs of the North Of Italy, such as Kaleido and Mazoom, the meeting points for all “trends”. He experienced the music development from the'disco music' to the electronica and the birth of house music. Memories of classic Cassius and Harry Romero first releases come flooding back as you hear the filtered disco sample. The tune busts an energetic flow of serious tech grooves combined to sampled keys in full overdrive, while the many breaks and FX add a great dose of power to the overall. A perfectly constructed feel good house smash. Dutch live-act/producer Pitto, follows his 'Feelin' bomb on Rejected and his bootleg of Feist, with an outstanding remix, slowing up the original loop and building the track on a dazzling rhythms, insane effects and driving keys that will definitely raise hands on any floor.

1. Break Of Dawn feat. Juliet Richardson - Jerome Sydenham vocal dub *
2. Road House - Pitto Rmx
3. Road House - Original Mix
4. Break Of Dawn feat. Juliet Richardson - Jerome Sydenham main dub

* digital only