BOCCA GRANDE - Little Pianist

Little Pianist is the stunning debut album of Japanese duo Bocca Grande. Formed by music producer Kousuke Ishida aka Trio and piano teacher Yuka Kobayashi, Bocca Grande music gives an high value to the classic piano mixed with the electronic vibes. Their beautiful single 'Procedere', that anticipated the release of the album, shows magically their concept, a magnificent and emotional record, 'above any trend' !Trio started to compose at sixteen years old. His sound reflects the deepness experienced in his life and that we find in the Japanese culture and his DJ style is influenced by the old school, from the deep side of Chicago house to the Detroit techno etc..Their productions have been already released on labels like Mathematics (Chicago), Four Roses (Germany), Black Vinyl (Uk), Nice and Smooth (Canada) and Futic silver (Tokyo). The tunes have been getting huge responses since played out by Motor City Drum Ensemble during his guest slot at Tim Sweeney's legendary 'Beats in Space' into the radio show in New York.An incredible album from start to finish. Blending the majestic piano work with electronica, house, downbeat, dub and a cinematic vibe in a creative and innovative way, Little Pianist is one of those records that warrant to be listened to in their entirety... Repeatedly!

1. Abend
2. Below My Hands
3. Slow Gravity
4. No House On Waltz
5. Even If
6. Blue Tang Surgeon Fish
7. Procedure 2011
8. Room in a Clutter
9. Wrongtime (Flowing Mix)
10. Hana
11. As Adele
12. Procedere 2011 (Morgan Geist Remix)

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