CHROMATIC FILTERS - Hypnotic Broad Beans

As opposed to the "processed" or "artificial" sounds of dance music comes the "spontaneous" act of creation. Chromatic Filters are an Italian DJ/musician duo based in London. They have been working together in the studio for almost a year, producing deep, underground house music and exploring the B side of funk and disco dubs before creating their first release "Hypnotic Broad Beans ep". CF style draws on everything from dub to disco, funk to punk, new wave to techno. Their music, influenced by Piero Piccioni soundtracks, Disco and Cosmic Boogie, fuses many differing elements of dance music with live instruments and everything is woven together with an incredible sense of dynamics. The atmospheric and spacious style gives the head more to discover with each listen...The lush and organic arrangements in their music give something for the body to discover with every listen, too. Slow Emotions is a stunning piece of music. Pulsating bass, acoustic guitars, percussions and melancholic sweetness. A perfect feel good record. Gold english producer Mark E, who has proved us his talent on labels like Running Back, Sonar Kollektiv and his own jewel Merc Music, delivers a both dark and shiny hypnotic reinterpretation inspired by early Francois K productions. Hypnotic Broad Beans is a refreshing blend of disco, electronica and house while Wild Streets captures us with its live instrumentations. Finally something fresh and inspiring !

1. Slow Emotions  
2. Hypnotic Broad Beans
3. Slow Emotions (Mark E dub)
4. Slow Emotions (Music A dub)
5. Wild Streets *

* digital only

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