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GREGORYTHME - Woke Up In The Wrong Town ep

Gregory Poncet aka Gregorythme is involved in many projects in the electronic music scene as a producer, remixer, performer and label manager. With releases on labels such as Cityfox, Minibar, Raoul and Bruchstuecke, Gregorythme kept to develop his musical trademarks: simplicity and creativity. In 2011 his remixes for Pirupa feat. Bajka and Terje Saether feat.Malin Pettersen, received a great support, bringing Gregory's sound to a wider audience. Gregory founded his own label Raoul Records in 2010, where he releases his own music and some of the most talented and innovative artists in the swiss electronic music scene. Last but not least, Gregory is a part of the duo Digitaline (Cadenza, Cityfox), whose Live sets he has been touring worldwide since 2008. ‘Woke Up In The Wrong Town’ and ‘Drum Machines’ make Gregory’s debut ep on Rebirth, revealing his deeper side of his work, drifting away on dreamy melodies teamed with tough basslines for an everlasting groove "Drum Machine... for me when you hear that, you couldn't possibly replace that with real drums. This is why you use drum machines when you're a drummer. It's just sometimes drum machines give you things that... this atmosphere, this relentness, it doesn't move... a drummer would get bored playing anything like this." Phil Collins, 1981

1. Woke Up In The Wrong Town
2. Drum Machines