The ever-evolving and never predictable musical venture that is Freaks first materialized as the brainchild of London-based Luke Solomon and Bournemouth’s Justin Harris. Freaks more recent single releases, “Right Now” featuring the vocal talents of Robert Owens, “Conscious Of My Conscience” featuring Diz aka 012, which became the no 1 most charted record in early 2011 on Resident Advisor’s Top 100 and “We Move” featuring Stella Attar, have all been released via Rebirth Records and the team up with this creatively open minded label looks set to continue. The boys own imprint, Music For Freaks, set up in the early 2000’s continues to release albums showcasing the guys musical history and the journey to the current Freaks output. Past compilation, Freaks - ‘Best of Times’ which included tracks from all three previous studio albums (The Beat Diaries, Meanwhile Back @ The Disco and The Man Who Lived Underground) as well as previously unreleased material, received major press acclaim : Follow up album, “Danced & Re-ordered”, then featured reworkings of all the classic Freaks tracks from some giants of house, to include Tiefschwarz, Rob Mello, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter.
Music For Freaks looks set to release new material from the guys in 2012 as well as further lost tracks from the label. The majority of the back catalogue will also be re-mastered and digitally available in the Autumn of 2012. Earlier in the year, Freaks also saw their seminal tune “Where Were You When The Lights Went Out” re-released through NEWS RECORDS / U BOOT with the single playlisted on Belgium’s national radio station, Studio Brussel. Check out the remixes and video here. The journey is of course set to continue production wise for the guys and after Jamie Jones heard their awesome production, “Black Shoes White Socks” featuring vocalist Diz Washington, Jamie & his label partner Lee Foss asked Freaks to sign the record to Hot Creations. The track will now be released later this year with remixes coming from Cajmere & Waff. Along with the new Freaks album of original material, which is currently in production, tentatively entitled “Psych” and is nearing it’s disco infused completion, it looks like Freaks’ musical vision will not only endure in the coming years but remain consistently innovative.

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