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FARFAN - She's Too Sexy

She is too sexy is the first single taken from Nafaka, the debut album from Farfan,released on Rebirth a few months ago.Born in Rijeka, Croatia, Farfan begins his career learning and listening intensively tovarious sets. He moves from town to town and settle in Trieste first and then Stuttgart Germany. Already getting huge reactions She is too sexy has a strong dose of deep andclassic house, synth funk, soothing melodies and pop sensibilities. Gregorythme from Digitaline turns it again in an exceedingly tasteful deep house number,while up and coming producers C.l.a.w.s. and Jota A Ene go for something new andmore eclectic! Turn it up

1. She Is Too Sexy - (Original Mix)
2. She Is Too Sexy - (Gregorythme Remix)
3. She Is Too Sexy - (C.l.a.w.s. Remix)
4. She Is Too Sexy - Jota A Ene Remix