ESSENTIALS - Volume Nine (unmixed)

This is our nineth installment of the Rebirth Essentials compilation series. It includes some of the best Rebirth releases in 2012, a touch from the past and brand new hot material set to be released this year ! We kick off with T-Polar and the amazing Crossroads, something emotive, original and outside the typical lines of music fashion. Freaks new single featuring English singer / songwriter Stella Attar...a spell-binding tune remixed by Chicago house legend Tevo Howard and here with an exclusive new mix from Melon ! From the incredible Bocca Grande album, Even If, emotional and passioned house music remixed by the one and only Larry Heard Aka Mr Fingers and Morning Factory. Los Angeles via SFV raised artist, Daze Deten, offers us All Right', Effected brass horns, revolving bass pulses, and a Deep Purple-esque grungy guitar that adds grit and character. Lionel Melgar and Tevo Howard form Ruby, the past, the present, and the future of a friendships that has endured throughout several stages of life. Out of the NUfrequency album Connected Remixes the inspiring Wolf & Lamb dub of My Angel and the deep dub Tony Lionni rework of the Untitled track ! Rennie Foster and Moka Only (ex Swollen Members, a pioneer and driving force behind Canadian West Coast hip hop) Connecte like four is reproposed with the Uner and Deep & Suga remix. A great welcome to Alison Marks who looks to the past and future for inspiration to create a unique present. The Golden Dress is a unique work with reminiscent of early Masters at Work dubs. One half of Bocca Grande, Trio, is here with another dancefloor burner ! The compilations features also unreleased tracks from up and coming artists like Chris70, N-Zino & Frank! and Corrado Bucci. Another not to be missed selection from Rebirth

1. T-Polar - "Crossroads"  
2. Bocca Grande - "Even If" (Morning Factory remix)
3. Bocca Grande - "Even If" (Mr Fingers remix)
4. Freaks & Stella Attar - "We Move" (Melon Acid remix)
5. Freaks & Stella Attar - "We Move" (Tevo Howard remix)  
6. Ruby - "Anna (You Get The Best Of Me)" (Tevo Howard mix) 
7. Daze Deten - "All Right" 
8. Nufrequency & Maggie Reilly - "My Angel" (Wolf + Lamb dub)
9. Nufrequency - "Untitled" (Tony Lionni dub mix) 
10. Rennie Foster & Moka-Only - "Connect Like Four" (Uner Presents Deep & Suga dub)
11. Alison Marks - "The Golden Dress"
12. Trio - "Crawler" 
13. Chris70 - "Jazz Moving" 
14. N-Zino & Frank! - "They Don't Understand" 
15. Corrado Bucci - "23 Years Old"