ESSENTIALS - Volume Six (unmixed)

This is our sixth installment of the Rebirth Essentials compilation series. It includes some of the best Rebirth releases in 2010, a touch from the past and brand new hot material set to be released in 2011 ! Without Me is a beautiful emotional track, the result of the outstanding collaboration between the new hero of Chicago House Music Tevo Howard and the ex EBTG singer and songwriter Tracey Thorn ! Marcus Worgull and Dixon strip the vocals back and deliver a fantastic warm hypnotic dub with their typical Innervisions vibe. Tevo is also here with the exclusive instrumental track Boing Pop ! Signed from TummyTouch the fantastic 'Don't Stop' by Dolphin Boy has been re-released by Rebirth in 2010 with strong interpretations from Boston's finest Soul Clap and Gothenburg based producer Andreas Saag, who is also here with 'Deep Rising', a track that sounds like the part2 of Saag remix of Dolphin Boy, in a Carl Craig territory fizzing saw tooth arpeggios and deep Detroit pads that turn the track into a master of tension, building up and tearing down everything in this path. Exciting material from a great producer ! 1998 by Taras Van De Voorde is probabily the biggest instrumental track of 2010 ! Originally released on Michel De Hey's EC records, the record has been massively supported all summer from djs like Luciano, Pete Tong, Richie Hawtin, Agoria, 2000 and One and Joris Voorn. Swiss DJ and producer Deetron reworks the track into an epic mix ! 'Clarity Of Love' by Pirupa featuring Baz, has been tipped as one of the biggest vocal house tunes in Ibiza last summer. Tevo Howard produces another emotional, raw and infectious remix while from Germany Riva Starr's fave producer David Keno reworks the song keeping the main elements of the Original and adding his distinctive killer beats! Daze Detens exclusive new track 'What You Want is like a Jazz and Boogie club in a dream. It has a certain swing and funk to it that will work well on dancefloors, while being a nice treat for the listeners. French master Alain Ho aka DJ Yellow comes back on Rebirth with the beautiful 'Season's Change', a track that blends deep, funky and tech house into just over seven and a half minutes, maintaining both a deep and driving edge courtesy of a relentless groove and intricate percussion. Argentinean space boys Julian Sanza and Fernando Pilichino (Aka Silver City) add their signature bass heavy driving sound and dubby vibe to the Freaks & Robert Owens single Right Now... a class rework ! As opposed to the "processed" or "artificial" sounds of dance music comes the "spontaneous" act of creation. Chromatic Filters are an Italian DJ/musician duo based in London. CF style fuses many differing elements of dance music with live instruments and everything is woven together with an incredible sense of dynamics. 'Slow Emotions' is a stunning piece of music. Pulsating bass, acoustic guitars, percussions and melancholic sweetness. A perfect feel good record. Gold english producer Mark E delivers a both dark and shiny hypnotic reinterpretation inspired by early Francois K productions.

1. Tevo Howard - "Without Me" (feat Tracey Thorn - reprise) 
2. Tevo Howard - "Without Me" (feat Tracey Thorn - Marcus Worgull dub - Dixon edit)
3. Dolphin Boy - "Don't Stop" (Soul Clap remix)
4. Dolphin Boy - "Don't Stop" (Andreas Saag'S Dolphin Deep Perspective) 
5. Andreas Saag - "Deep Rising" (deeper mix)
6. Taras Van De Voorde - "1998" (original mix) 
7. Taras Van De Voorde - "1998" (Deetron Remix) 
8. Pirupa - "Clarity Of Love" (feat Baz - David Keno remix) 
9. Pirupa - "Clarity Of Love" (feat Baz - Tevo Howard remix) 
10. Tevo Howard - "Boing Pop" (original mix) 
11. Daze Deten - "What You Want" 
12. Alain Ho - "Season's Change" (original mix) 
13. Freaks vs Robert Owens - "Right Now" (Silver City Space dub) 
14. Chromatic Filters - "Slow Emotions" (Mark E dub) 
15. Chromatic Filters - "Slow Emotions" (original mix)