ESSENTIALS - Volume Four (unmixed)

This is the fourth installment of the Rebirth Essentials compilation series. It includes some of the best Rebirth releases of 2009, a touch from the past and brand new hot material set to be released this year ! In the box of the biggest names since months Deetron reworks the stunning Leon Feat Corrina Joseph fusing the classic Detroit techno with the soulful side of music. A classic ! with a deeper vibe, rhodes and rollin beats ! A mysterious figure in music Tevo Howard is surely a very talented producer coming from Chicago. “Without me”, already a classic at Panoramabar since it came out originally on Tevo’s label, is a beautiful emotional track with dirty synth basslines, strings, and a super-hypnotic piano theme you won’t forget ! Following on from the success of Finest Dream, that we repropose here in a re-edit done by Steve Lawler of the classic Silicone Soul remix, And If (Philippe Lussan and Vlad Jocic) come back to produce “Beyond Senses”. The Seattle based Pezzner treats the track with his unique deep emotive sound. Italian experimental singer Angela K. presents “Ballad” reworked by Neurotic Drum Band (John Selway & Ulysses) and Andre’ Lodemann. Talented italian producer Pirupa debuts on Rebirth with “Time Of Rain”, a special new track, that will be released as a single later in the year, here remixed by awesome Tevo Howard. From California, Daze Deten anticipate his forthcoming new ep with “Voyeur Into Minds”, a warm deep and nostalgic track. First class ! The Alberto Casella house project called “Masters” is back after a few years ! The old scholl piano stormer ”Dusk Dawn” gets a treatment from Mass Prod. One of the best dance music producers in Belgium, Spirit Catcher, join Croatian singer and nu disco producer Ilija Rudman to produce the wonderful ‘Secret Stranger’ with bass driven funk funk, spacey disco vibes and their live electronic sound. ‘Faith’ is Stretch Silvester first solo outing in twelve years featuring London singer / songwriter PJ Higgins. Robin and Simon Lee aka Faze Action deliver a fantastic remix with a dose of their trademark ingredients ! Tensnake from Hamburg rework “Moody bang” by Ajello in an Italo-disco tinged nu-disco remix crossed with deep house affair and solid synth-driven disco-boogie ! Los Updates follow the collaborations with Villalobos and Cadenza with ‘Ven’ with a touch of raw disco funk ! With “Spending Life” Toronto’s finest man, James Teej shows his skill as playful producer and vocal performer ! The hot duo from Valencia, AFFKT & Danny Fiddo, deliver a fantastic afro free jazz jam session where impressive percussion parts respond to a Moog and a Rhodes overlap by trumpet, trombone and guitar ! The beautiful ‘Suite Disappointment’ by A:xus gets a special treatment from Rocco (Rodamaal), who loved and supported the Original mix for months. Proper house music we've heard in a while. One of the most innovative electronic music acts in Brasil, Glocal, debut on Rebirth with ‘After Midnight’ showing their main influences: from New Wave / disco rock to Chicago House. Recently released as a single and here with a special dubby treatment from Daze Deten ! Coming from Germany, Tapesh is surely one of the producers too look out for the future ! “Brighter Day” has been surely one of the club tunes of the summer and Melon worked again the magic with another effective dubby rework ! Brother’s Vibe, takes “Manetta’s fine food” by Stefano Testa mixing filthy beats, minimal house and jazzy house vibes. This to anticipate a new ep by Stefano to be released later in the year. Expect another great year of music in 2010!

1. Leon - "I Follow You" (feat Corrina Joseph - Deetron'S Springtime Leaves remix) 
2. Tevo Howard - "Without Me" (Boogiedisco mix) 
3. And If - "Beyond Senses" (Pezzner remix) 
4. Angela K - "Ballad" (Neurotic Drum Band remix) 
5. Angela K - "Ballad" (Andre' Lodemann remix) 
6. Pirupa - "Time Of Rain" (Tevo Howard remix)  
7. Daze Deten - "Voyeur Into Minds" 
8. Masters - "Dusk Dawn" (Mass Prod remix) 
9. Spirit Catcher - "Secret Stranger" (feat Ilija Rudman - extended mix) 
10. Stretch Silvester - "Faith" (feat PJ Higgins - Faze Action remix) 
11. Ajello - "Moody Bang" (Tensnake remix) 
12. Los Updates - "Ven" 
13. James Teej - "Spending Life" (Danny Fiddo & Affkt remix) 
14. Axus - "Suite Disappointment" (Rocco remix) 
15. Glocal - "After Midnight" (Daze Deten Intimate dub)
16. Tapesh - "Brighter Day" (Don Melon's dub club mix) 
17. Stefano Testa - "Manetta's Fine Food" (Brother's Vibe remix) 
18. And If - "Finest Dream" (Silicone Soul's Darkroom Dub Steve Lawler re-edit)