ESSENTIALS - Volume Three (unmixed)

This is the third installment of the Rebirth Essentials compilation series. Peak–time tunes, pure dancefloor tracks, and a different vibe too, more eclectic, atmpospheric, balearic and electronic. A:xus is back in 2009 with a brand new song featuring the sweet vocals of Graph Nobel and  a moody trippy atmospheric remix from Motorcitysoul. The hotly-tipped french trio dOP reinvented Djuma Soundsystem “Bipolar” with their unique musical approach adding vocals and an epic feel to it. Audiojack re-edit Hugo’s remix of “Pump It” by Robytek vs Shield Feat Foremost Poets  for  a powerful effect on the dancefloor. Scottish producer Sei A explores the darker side of tech house with a warm soulful depth and a melodic techno edge interpretation of FancyBeat “Funk In”. Ex-porno soundtrack guru Tony Amherst turns NUfrequency feat Snax "Passage" into a dubby deep modern garage floor stomper. It also includes the beautiful Kiki remix of the masterpiece “Devil’s Water” by Rennie Foster, epic with strings, rolling bassline and an old school vibe. Angel Alanis, one of Chicago's most creatively diverse and consistent producers of dance music today, unleashes an exciting remix of Rennie Foster’s “Roughshod” through the depths of deep house and minimal techno. Julian Sanza brings the discofied delicacy of retro futurism with “Bolumen”. From Netherland Melon drops a super cool remix of “Awake” by Lemon Popsicle with a lot of oldschool deep flavour! Manuel Tur gives And If classic “Finest dream” a mind-blowing warm, deep, groovy and magical touch. To close the compilation “The Day After” by Adriano Filippucci, a beautiful guitar-driven dream! Another great selection of music for your collection !

1. A - Xus-Suite Disappointment (Original Mix) 
2. A - Xus-Suite Disappointment (Motorcitysoul Remix)
3. Djuma Soundsystem - Bipolar (Dop Morning Remix)
4. Robytek Vs Shield feat. Foremost Poets - Pump It (Hugo Remix - Audiojack Re-Edit)
5. Fancybeat - Funk in (Sei A Remix)
6. Nufrequency feat. Snax - Passage of Time (Tony Amhersts Dark Room Remix)
7. Rennie Foster - Roughshod (Angel Alanis Remix)
8. Rennie Foster - Devils Water (Kikis End Of The Night Remix)
9. Julian Sanza - Bolumen (Original Mix)
10. Lemon Popsicle - Awake (Don Melons Peanut in L.A.)
11. And If - Finest Dream (Manuel Tur Instrumental Remix)
12. Adriano Filippucci - The Day After (Original Reprise)