ESSENTIALS - Volume Two (unmixed)

This is the second installment of the Rebirth Essentials compilation series. Peak–time tunes, pure dancefloor tracks, and a different vibe too, more eclectic, atmpospheric, balearic and electronic. It includes the amazing NUfrequency & Shara Nelson “Go That Deep” with the fantastic mixes from Charles Webster (The Mix #2 exclusive for the Rebirth Essentials). The new Robytek single “Luna Africana”, remixed by German finest Roland Appel, Rennie Foster debut with the amazing “Devil’s Water”, the incredible and original UND “Fox in the box” with the tweaks from Skylark, Telespazio and Luke Solomon. “Head Down” and “No Static” from EssenVee with a remix from Belgium’s Spirit Catcher.
Another great selection of music for your collection !

1. Go That Deep: Charles Webster Remix
2. Luna Africana: Original Mix
3. Luna Africana: Roland Appel Remix
4. Devil's Water: Original Mix
5. Fox In The Box: Original Mix, 2008 Re-Edit
6. Fox In The Box: Skylark Remix
7. Fox In The Box: Telespazio Remix
8. Fox In The Box: Luke Solomon's "Horse In The Fridge New Thing Mix
9. No Static: Original Mix
10. Head Down: Spirit Catcher's Interpretation
11. Go That Deep: Charles Webster Mix #2, Bonus Track