Chromatic Filters, the Italian DJ/musician duo based in London, are back on Rebirth...and this time they exceed themselves with this pure quality EP! 'Distant Roots' is a dancefloor bomb with that rolling square wave bass fully loaded with funk and an energy that will take the crowd into a journey. 'Horizon Stripes' is an emotional deep funk mover, here revisited by Chicago hot producer Jamie 3:26 and Japanese talent Brisa. 'Third Comb Beach' (exclusive for the vinyl release) is an impressive track fusing disco and funk to punk and new wave with live instruments. 'Evolving', exclusive for the digital release, is a spectacular piece of music that glides into the future with its unique synth and bass-driven vibe, acoustic guitars and melancholic sweetness !

1. Distant Roots - Original Mix
2. Horizon Stripes - Original Mix
3. Horizon Stripes - Jamie 3:26 Re-Whump
4. Horizon Stripes - Brisa Remix
5. Evolving - Original Mix