Rebirth Records was established by Shield in 2006. With an ethos centered around the foundations of house music, Rebirth rapidly cultivated a reputation, refusing to conform, not following given trends, but creating its own unique sound; building a link between the soul of a song and combining it with a modern sound ! In 2012 the launch of a brand new compilation series...The Rebirth Classics, a selection of tunes that made the Rebirth Sounds over the last 5 years. Here is a brand new selection, the third volume of the series, some of the biggest Rebirth tracks that have been big in Ibiza in the last few years ! It includes exciting material from producers like And If, Rennie Foster, Robytek, Silicone Soul, Dusty Kid, Pirupa, Tevo Howard, Taras Van De Voorde, Tapesh, Bocca Grande, Ellesse, Todd Terry, Andreas Saag, Freaks, Johnny D, Adam K & Soha, Adriano Filippucci and Alain Ho.If you missed some Rebirth

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1. The Droyds - "All I Ever Wanted" (Prince Language remix) 
2. Lil'Wolf - "Deliver Me" (Diskjokke & Vinny Villbass Diskomix) 
3. Nufrequency - "Love Sick" (feat Plavka - Mock & Toof remix) 
4. Ajello - "Moody Bang" (Tensnake remix)
5. Fancybeat - "Funk In" (Telespazio remix) 
6. Spirit Catcher - "Can'T Let Go" (feat Ilija Rudman - original mix)  
7. Stretch Silvester - "Faith" (feat Pj Higgins - Faze Action remix) 
8. Chromatic Filters - "Spyro Evo" (Slow Hands remix)
9. Glocal - "After Midnight" (Rotciv re-edit)
10. Tuccillo - "Disco En Paradiso" (original mix) 
11. Edison - "Dynamite" (Nightmoves remix) 
12. Nomi & Rampa - "Inside" (Dr Dunks aka Eric Duncan remix)
13. Outmode - "True" (Silver City remix)  
14. Rotciv - "Mistake" 
15. Ajello - "Silver Tears" (original mix) 
16. Chromatic Filters - "Slow Emotions" (original mix) 
17. The Droyds - "All I Ever Wanted" (Pilooski edit)