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DAZE DETEN - Deeply Rooted ep

We are happy to present…Daze Deten! A talent from California, he began teaching himself how to play at age 12. His musical influences run from Quincy Jones, to Gipsy Kings, Led Zeppelin, Dj Premier, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Motown Music, to Jimi Hendrix, Ravi Shankar, Carnatic Music,  Zakir Hussain, Jazz, Music from 50s-80s, Disco, Psychedelic, Funk, to Hip Hop, 90s Pop, Film Music, Naushad, Ahmad Zahir, Herbie Hancock, Detroit Techno, and Chicago name a few. He says: “Alongside influence from music and life itself, I enjoy translating my vision of hypnotic, funky, and deep vibes. Music that can be listened to, danced to, and for reflection. I craft sounds and melodies that often have a place and purpose, creating images of the past, present, and future.” You can understand his philosophy by listening to his debut EP for Rebirth, it is something really special. ‘Deeply Rooted’ is a beautiful jazzy excursion to memorable times, with a bassline you won8 0t easily forget.  Nostalgia inducing feelgood music we can listen to for hours…’Downtown Hustle’ is Daze Deten's vision of future soul, it sounds like an old Motown Record moulded into transplanting house. An artist to watch for and a fantastic EP.

1. Deeply Rooted (Original mix) 
2. Deeply Rooted (Self remix) 
3. Downtown Hustle (Original mix) 
4. Downtown Hustle (Instrumental mix)