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DAZE DETEN - Voyeur Into Minds ep

A developing talent from California, Daze Deten, is back for his second release, almost a year after Deeply Rooted on Rebirth. Earlier this year on Rebirth Essentials Volume 4, he showed a strong ability to remix, through his Intimate Dub mix of Glocal's After Midnight. From a young age he attended many live music showcases and events. This live music inspired him to begin teaching himself how to play a percussion at the age of 12. As a producer he maintains an eclectic range of musical and production influences, including Led Zeppelin, Quincy Jones, Dj Premier, Pink Floyd, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Motown Music, Jimi Hendrix, Ravi Shankar, The Neptunes, Carnatic Music, Jazz, Music from 50s-80s, Disco, Psychedelic, Funk, to Hip Hop, Film Music, 90s Pop, Ahmad Zahir, Herbie Hancock, Larry Heard, and Roy Ayers to name a few. His new work, the Voyeur Into Minds ep, is the alchemy of warm, funky, deep, raw, and melancholic pallete, with great basslines and dancefloor grooves throughout. These cuts show signs of his ability to conceptualize music, represents an example of his versatility and talent as an artist and producer. Keep Us Warm combines funk, warm melancholy, and an infectious groove. The breakdown takes us deep, a winter chill on the outside and summer warmth on the inside, as an angelic choir, and all the different elements combine to take the listener and dancefloor to another place. Raw Breezy is raw house music, not only in the backing track, but the vocals as well. Inspired by what he says are "feisty Los Angeles girls" while growing up, who openly and bravely voice their angst against eachother. He says : "maybe people are put into the position to act and react the way they do, we are just products of our environment. Nobody Else takes things deep, into the soulful mind of a man sharing his love for his girl. A vocal that says enough to create a tone and mood, yet also leaves ideas to the imagination. A deep bassline, crispy high hats, well timed percussion shuffles that asks us to dance, while a sax serenades the two lovers. Deten moulds a rhythm and blues feel into an evolving modern deep house soundscape. Versatile for opening, developing, or ending a set ! Voyeur Into Minds is Dirty and Funky, with a groove that has the boom bap bounce you will find in NY influenced Hip Hop. An acidic mid range bass pokes in and out of the track, a nasty funk guitar grumbles beneath the deep travelling pad. A transplanting hollow melody finds its way into the voyeur. There is a feeling of nostalgia here, as if this is all happening as the listener watches someone, looking into their mind. For the 'Daze Deten Remix' he carves things into a filthy raw direction. An artist to watch and another fantastic work by Daze Deten.

1. Keep Us Warm
2. Nobody Else
3. Voyeur Into My Minds (Daze Deten Remix)
4. Voyeur Into My Minds (Original Mix)
5. Raw Breezy