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BOCCAGRANDE - Below My Hands

'Below My Hands' is the third single taken from Little Pianist, the stunning debut album of Japanese duo Bocca Grande. Formed by music producer Kousuke Ishida aka Trio and piano teacher Yuka Kobayashi, Bocca Grande music gives an high value to the classic piano mixed with the electronic vibes ! Below My Hands blends the majestic piano work with electronica, house, downbeat, dub and a cinematic vibe in a creative and innovative way. The package feature some hot new mixes. Hamburg's Raoul K drops a superb, authentically Afro-beat-y reinterpretation, driven by piano, strings and live percussions, making for an epic production by anyone's measure ! One of the freshest Bristol's offerings to the UK dance scene, Artifact, follows his recent strong eps with an exciting dubby interpretation that is surely going to fire the dancefloor. Our man Rennie Foster gets the main theme replayed by a violinist and exhibits a powerful bassline and his distinctive groove to warm bodies ! Finally Soramini, a brand new and unreleased track by Bocca Grande...Pure Class!

1. Below My HandsOriginal Mix
2. Below My Hands - Radio Edit
3. Below My Hands - Mr. Raoul K Remix
4. Below My Hands - Rennie Foster Remix
5. Mess A Lot - Original Mix
6. Soramini - Original Mix