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ALAIN HO - Season's Change ep

French master Alain Ho aka DJ Yellow is on Rebirth again to follow his Sur La Terre EP. And this is again something very special... With both drive and melancholic strains apparent in his works, Alain is a master at weaving melodies and grooves that continue to hypnotize and energize over the course of a night. He started Yellow Productions in 1993 with Bob Sinclar signing artists as diverse as Dimitri From Paris, Kid Loco, Bang Bang, Joe Claussel, Salome de Bahia and of course Bob Sinclar himself, all of which have helped to shape the French sound, as it is today. After a decade of fruitful cooperation and dedication to helping other people's careers, Yellow finally started his Composite Records , as an outlet for his own sounds. The Seasons Change Ep is 3 original tracks of deep, funky, soulful house with an irresistible groove ! Dreamed of you is an amazing slow burner with a warm and intimate feeling, really beautiful ! Seasons Change blends deep, funky and tech house into just over seven and a half minutes, maintaining both a deep and driving edge courtesy of a relentless groove and intricate percussion, while Japanese Bla Bla delves in darker territory with throaty male vocals and a pulsating bassline. Rennie Foster, who instantly loved the work, reworks the title track adding his trademark beat and sound. Perfect Autumn vibe !

1. Season's Change  
2. Dreamed Of You 
3. Japanese Blabla
4. Season's Change (Rennie Foster's Homeless House mix)