AKRA, aka Nick Woolfson, is the man behind one of the label revelations of 2013, TENG RECORDS. Moving through techno and house, in only 2 years his sound is already well recognizable: a mix of hypnotic rhythms and deep melodic lines, a mysterious combination for a mysterious producer. His music comes from his old influences, his other projects, like Mock & Toof, and sharing his studio with a legend like Neville Watson. Take acid house and fuse it with deep house (the real one) and nu disco and there you will find Akra's soul. Iron Curtis and Matthias Vogt already remixed his incredible “TunnelVision” on Teng but nothing beats the original mix says everyone from Resident Advisor to Data Transmission…and also Kink, Chicago Damn, Ame, Sasse, Stacey Pullen, Deep Space Orchestra, DJ Deep........The new ‘Pure EP’ is set for a release on Rebirth in December 2013 with hot remixes from Greg Beato and Rising Sun !

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